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                                              COMMENTS II

            The print version of NEW INDIA DIGEST was closed down at the beginning of 2002. A second sampling of comments received on that occasion is given below. (See also Comments I)

          I received your letter conveying your decision to close down NEW INDIA DIGEST with deep regret. The journal had a character of its own and the articles were of value to the present and future. The statistics you had been furnishing were useful to scholars. Unfortunately patrons of academic literary and cultural activities are now a vanishing tribe. No wonder that good literary works are also following suit.

          I know how valiantly you struggled to maintain high standards of journalism. I do hope that you will be able to revive the journal in the not too distant future.  

R. Venkataraman,
Former President of India,
New Delhi.

*                  *                  *

          I write in response to the news that the NEW INDIA DIGEST is in great financial difficulties.

          The NEW INDIA DIGEST is indeed a widely used magazine which is wonderfully edited by Mr. D’Souza, and presents cultural and intellectually engaging material from India to the outside world. 

Professor Amartya Sen,
Nobel Laureate,
Trinity College,

*                  *                  *

          May I, for my part, merely add that I am sorry to see the end of the New India Digest. It was very entertaining and informative. 

Ms. Lavanya Prasad,
Ambassador of India to Laos,

*             *                  *

It is such a pity that such a wonderful magazine had to be shut down…You have tried to make us proud of ourselves and our culture. I hope the magazine will re-emerge one day after you find some supporters. 

Admiral J. G. Nadkarni (Retd.)
Former Chief of the Indian Navy

*             *             * 

           It is with regret to learn that the New India Digest has stopped publication of its journal, however, I would like to extend my appreciation for having been associated with it. 

Acting High Commissioner,
High Commission of India for Trinidad and Tobago,
New Delhi.

*                  *                  *

          So sad about the closing of NEW INDIA DIGEST.

Dr. Placid Rodriguez, FNAE,FASc,FNASc
Chairman, Recruitment & Assessment Centre
Defence Research & Development Organisation
Ministry of Defence
Delhi-110 054

*             *             *

What a pity! It was such a nice publication and really brought the positive image of India to the public.

Kindly dispose of any remaining dues the way you consider fit.  

Prof. Mahabir Gupta,
University of Panama,

*                  *                  *

It is so sad and after 15 years! It must virtually have become part of you. But better to see the bright side - you had to hand over some day and now you can take it easy with no images of deadlines and such hanging over you. Your health may be the better for the more leisurely pace you can now adopt and it may be time perhaps to revive long neglected pursuits and cultivate new ones. 

Eddie De Sa
Goa Digest
London, UK.

*                  *                  *

          We really feel sorry that you are suspending publication of your informative magazine.

B.R.D.M College of Education
Sakleshpur 573 134
Hassan District

*                  *                  * 

          We are really sorry to know about it (the publication being closed) because it was a really very informative magazine and I hope that its publication would soon be resumed.

          Regarding the amount due kindly donate it to the charity from our side. 

Sr. Selvam,
St. Mary’s Secondary School,
Dehra Dun 248 002.

*                  *                  * 

          We are extremely sorry to note that the publication has been suspended by you in view of financial difficulties. The issues of the Digest were worth reading and worth preserving too. Hereafter we will miss a beautiful and colourful magazine of rich and profound knowledge of Indian culture and heritage. 

Hindu High School
Karwar 581 301.

*                  *                  * 

          We are very sorry to hear from you that the publication NEW INDIA DIGEST has suspended publishing due to some financial difficulties.

          We found this journal very informative to our scientific community, especially your interest in covering so many general topics.

          As you have assured in your letter, please let us know the e-mail address as and when you start publishing the journal “on-line”. 

A. T. C. Nair
Centre for Aeronautical Systems Studies & Analyses
Government of India, Ministry of Defence,
Defence Research & Development Organisation,
Bangalore 560 075.

*                  *                  * 

…at the very outset, we hereby regret to learn that NEW INDIA DIGEST cannot be published due to financial constraints.

          Your magazine has earned a unique reputation in the dissemination of knowledge and information… 

Nrupatunga Arts & Commerce College,
Sedam 585 222, Dist. Gulbarga.

*                  *                  *

As far as my unutilised subscription to NEW INDIA DIGEST is concerned, I would request you to donate the amount to charity.                  

P. C. Nayak,
119, 3rd Main Road,
Jayamahal Extension,
Bangalore 560 046.

*                  *                  *

                    Louise and I are distressed to learn that you’ve been forced to close down your wonderful publication. We find it hard to believe that among the one million NRI in America that there is not one or several millionaires sensible enough to appreciate the value of what you have been doing!!! Amazing. 

William Greaves,
Documentary film producer,
New York.

*                  *                  *

          I was sorry to learn of the demise of the NEW INDIA DIGEST. I have read and enjoyed each issue.

          Certainly, I would want you to donate the amount to charity and ask you to use it as you think best.

Audrey E. Shoemaker,

*                  *                  *

We too were very surprised that among all the readers who appreciated your work, no one was able to do a generous gesture.  But we wish to encourage you by saying that your work will be remembered.  You, personally, have the right to be satisfied and conscious that NID will remain an excellent reference to those who wish to be informed about the history and the progress made in India.

A famous contemporary French author wrote :

L’avenir sans le passé est aveugle, le passé sans l’avenir est stérile.”

Let us hope, as you so well say, that NID goes on in any form and serves as a valuable basis so that the future be everything but sterile…  

Primla Puri

*                  *                  * 

          It is really sad to know that NEW INDIA DIGEST has stopped publication. The articles were really very interesting. 

R.S.Oomer F.C.A. (Eng. & Wales)
Oomer & Associates
Management Consultants
Mumbai 400 036

*                  *                  * 

          It was painful to note that publication of this magazine, bringing to all age groups the ethos and cultural heritage of India, has to close.

          My friends, relatives and myself have been enjoying this magazine for more than 10 years.

I would have loved the publication to continue, and If in any small way I can be of any use, I will be happy to extend my support to the task., I will be happy to extend my support to the task.

Your circular mentions old copies available free, subject to payment of postal and other charges. I would not accept old issues free of cost, and shall request you to charge me the cost as necessary.

V. C. Kapur
30 Nirman Society,
Baroda 5

*                      *                      * 

            I feel sad that you have stopped editing NEW INDIA DIGEST. 

Fr. Rayappan
St. Stephen’s School
Dahod 389 160

*                      *                      * 

          We have lost a valuable magazine from our library as you have stopped publication of NEW INDIA DIGEST. But we are thankful to you because you have sincerely informed us about the unavailability of the publication and the refund of the unutilised amount. 

Assumption College,

*                      *                      * 

            Very sorry to note that NEW INDIA DIGEST has stopped publication because of financial difficulties. We will surely miss your very enriching and informative magazine.

Villa Theresa High School
66 Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg
Mumbai 400 026

*                      *                      * 

          I have enjoyed reading the NEW INDIA DIGEST. 

Haider Barma
Hong Kong. 

*                      *                      *

(See also Comments I) 

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