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                                                      COMMENTS I 

            The print version of NEW INDIA DIGEST was closed down at the beginning of 2002. A sampling of comments received on that occasion is given below.(See also Comments II)


I have been distressed to see your letter of 12th December and note that you are closing down the New India Digest that has served India so valiantly. All the same I hope you will be able to bring it back soon. 

I. K. Gujral

Former Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi

*                  *                  * 

          I am extremely sorry to know that due to financial difficulties, you have to regretfully stop the publication of NEW INDIA DIGEST. It was a wonderful magazine with extremely interesting and topical themes. Your keenness to ensure the highest level of quality of the publication material and also readership interest ensured its popularity. But popularity in our country does not mean success, which is more than this one criteria.

I would personally miss receiving this very interesting periodical, but I hope and pray that in the near future you would be able to revive it through some channel. In the meanwhile let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the interest and keenness you have showed in the Space programme and the coverage you gave it through this magazine.

Dr. K. Kasturirangan,


Indian Space Research Organisation

Government of India

Bangalore 560 094

 *                  *                  *

 I once again express my sorrow at your having to close your New India Digest.  It was such a valuable journal.  We will miss it.

 Prof. M. S. Swaminathan
UNESCO Cousteau Chair in Ecotechnology & Chairman
M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
Chennai (Madras) 600 113.

           *                  *                  *

           I offer you complete moral support at this sad juncture when you have to close down a journal which you have nursed for so many years with distinction.

 Ram Sathe IFS (Retd.)

Former Foreign Secretary to Ministry of External Affairs,


*                  *                  *

          I was very sorry to see from your letter that New India Digest is coming to an end. I shall certainly miss it; and every two months will have the disturbing feeling of the absence of something which should have been there.

          However, I suppose that is part of life. You at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you produced something which was excellent; if a wooden bureaucracy cannot it, that is its loss.


 K. P. S. Menon Jr.

Former Foreign Secretary to Ministry of External Affairs


*                  *                  *

I am truly sorry that all our efforts (to help the journal) did not succeed.

J.N.Dixit IFS (Retd.)

Former Foreign Secretary to Ministry of External Affairs,

New Delhi. 

*                  *                  * 

         I personally feel that “New India Digest” would continue to flourish on its own steam as the publication is extremely reputed, interesting and well suited for the younger readers of our society.

Y. Radhakrishnan

Managing Director



*                  *                  *

I salute you for the work that you have done to bring out a fine, clean Digest,  informative and enlightening. I am sure the Lord will show you other ways to serve.

R. M. Lala


Sir Dorabji Tata Trust


*                  *                  *

 You have done a great job of producing an eminently readable Digest with some very amusing cartoons thrown in.

C. V. Narasimhan ICS (Retd.)

Former Under Secretary General, United Nations,



*                  *                  *


          It is a valuable publication which is often used for reference.


 Pawan Kumar

Deputy Director

Parliament of India

Rajya Sabha Secretariat

New Dehi 110 001.

 *                  *                  *

          I am glad I still have so many of the issues...and shall cherish them.

Ramu Damodaran



New York, USA.


*                  *                  *


           It is indeed unfortunate that due to financial difficulties the publication of NEW INDIA DIGEST has been discontinued. I know that you had to spend a lot of time and energy to come up with this wonderful journal which was well received the readers.

          The magazine contained a lot of updated information about India. I note that some subscribers intend to donate the balance of the amount due to them to some Indian charitable organizations. I hereby authorize you to donate the sum owing to me as a refund, to any charitable institution of your choice.


Hari N. Harilela GBS OBE LL D JP




                     *                  *                  *


          I feel so sad about the plight of the magazine. I had no means to be helpful to you and I regret that deeply.


Professor Harold Gould


*                  *                  *


          This is very sad news.  I do not want any refund… Hope

your on-line edition will be successful; but even that requires money, a

fairly tidy sum, I think.  I can only wish your new enterprise every



Umakant Sharma, IAS (Retd.)

Former Chief Secretary, Government of Bihar,



*                  *                  *

         Sorry to note that you have decided to down the shutters and stop the publication. The magazine always contained a wealth of information. Unfortunately, the habit of reading serious writing, which was never high, is further going down. 

          I thought I should send these lines to inform you how you have served the interests of our country admirably with your creative journal. I beg of you not to grieve over its cessation. The great cartoonist Shanker also felt that he should not continue the famous Shanker's weekly beyond a certain time.  Both of you have rendered great service to the country in your own ways: he, by gently pulling the legs of our rulers, and you by bringing to the notice of all of us the great heritage to which we are heirs. You have done your best and that is that. 

           I for one did my best to offer my support by subscribing to multiple copies within the limits of my budget, and the journal was great value  to my friends and relatives in India and abroad,  My brother-in-law, who is a heart surgeon in the US, highly valued the journal  and I am sure will miss it  sorely. 

          Please remember that you have for a long time provided great happiness to several thousands of us, with your thoughtfully selected pieces and your commentaries. Few can claim to have done half as much.


 Dr. P. V. Shenoi IAS (Retd.)

Bangalore 560 094


*                  *                  *


           It has been wonderful working with you and I do appreciate your way of



Jagdish Agarwal

DINODIA Photo Library,

Mumbai 400 002 ( INDIA )


*                  *                  *


          So sorry to receive this e-mail.  I hope the on-line magazine comes to pass. 


 Lucille Warner



 *                  *                  *


          All my colleagues in my company join me in expressing our sadness at the suspension of the publication of NEW INDIA DIGEST - certainly the most useful and thought-provoking magazine published in India.  We used to look forward eagerly to the receipt of the magazine every month, and all of us have derived immense benefit by reading the articles in the magazine. 

          It is really sad that such an excellent magazine has to suspend publication.  In a country where newspapers and magazines churn out cheap political and film news and trash and sell like hot cakes, it is tragic that a class magazine of the standard of New India Digest has not been financially supported by a large number of right thinking people.  I feel that there are still many good samaritans like Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr.Ambani, Mr.Azim Premji and Mr.Narayanamurthy in India who would certainly help to revive the magazine. 

         We cannot accept the fact that NID will not come out in the future.  You and your team have done an excellent job and rendered yeomen service to the readers by bringing out an eminently readable magazine.  We pray to God Almighty to help you to resume the publication of NID.  We cannot afford to miss the magazine.

         We request you to send it (the refund) to any charitable institution of your choice in Pune.  We wish and pray that the journal is revived as soon as possible.

You have given more than money's worth all these years to the readers of NID and your readiness to refund even small amounts should prompt the subscribers to gladly consent to direct their refunds to a worthy cause.  While individually these amounts may be insignificant, collectively it may go to help a good cause.


N. R. Sampath, GM,

Kuwait India International Exchange Co.,



 *                  *                  *


      I was sorry to hear that New India Digest has met the fate of so many worthwhile journals, despite its excellent quality, proof of your hard work.


Prof. Ainslee Embree



*                  *                  *


          I am so sorry about the fate of the NEW INDIA DIGEST.  I have enjoyed the

magazine so very much and learned a great deal about India.  My friends who

receive it, have enjoyed it also.

         You don't need to refund my unexpired portion of my subscription.  Perhaps

you can use this in tackling the electronic edition. 


Prof. Florence Ashby

Rockville Md.



*                  *                  *


           We are very sorry to learn that you have suspended the
publication of the NID Bulletin due to financial difficulties. It
was a very useful publication.


 Dr. S.D. Gokhale


 CASP, Pune.


*                  *                  *


          We regret the discontinuation of New India Digest, one of the more popular magazines in our library.


Mrs. S. S. Avachat


Armament Research & Development Establishment

PUNE 411 021


 *                  *                  * 


          It’s a painful feeling for me to hear that the journal is closed.  


Saurabh Babu Maheshwari, IAS,

ASDM (Sadar)


(to be continued)





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